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Video and SEO: Improve your search engine rankings with YouTube videos and You Tube channels

If you haven’t started a YouTube or Vimeo Channel for your business, you’re missing out on the SEO advantages that video offers businesses. Research has proven that video engages and retains visitors. On average visitors to sites with video spend two more minutes than sites that are text-only. B2B searches on YouTube have more than doubled in the last year. These visitors are looking for information about your product or service. Demonstrate your product. Share testimonials from clients and customers. Last year, 65% of business purchase decision makers watched vendor videos on line. 71% of all adults access videos on sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo for information and entertainment.


Video Email Marketing: Videos Direct to the Inbox

Are you using email marketing? Introducing a new product or service? Want to engage your customers and generate new leads in a powerful new way? Video emails are just the ticket.


Making Your Video Look Good on the Big Screen and the Small Screen

Internet bandwidth and compression technologies are changing the way video is being viewed on the ‘Net. Technical and creative quality matter now more than ever.