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Video Email Marketing: Videos Direct to the Inbox

Are you using email marketing? Introducing a new product or service? Want to engage your customers and generate new leads in a powerful new way? Video emails are just the ticket.


Imagine your new product announcement video playing right in your customers' Inbox. Companies like Flimp Media and Bomb Bomb offer easy-to-use technology to deliver video content through email blasts. The videos play as soon as opened or appear as clickable links in custom email postcards or email brochures. The companies offer tracking and analytics tools to measure campaign effectiveness by email address. These tools offer high response rates and click-throughs.

When you design the content for the video, be sure it's short and to the point. Your goal is to motivate the viewer to click through to a landing page on your website that contains the full information on your product. Many companies offer special incentives in the email video that encourage click-throughs. Think of it as a 30 second ad that allows viewers to take action immediately. Nothing engages like video. Make it fun with music, effects and graphics.

For more information, visit Flimp Media at and Bomb Bomb at