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Video and SEO: Improve your search engine rankings with YouTube videos and You Tube channels

If you haven’t started a YouTube or Vimeo Channel for your business, you’re missing out on the SEO advantages that video offers businesses. Research has proven that video engages and retains visitors. On average visitors to sites with video spend two more minutes than sites that are text-only. B2B searches on YouTube have more than doubled in the last year. These visitors are looking for information about your product or service. Demonstrate your product. Share testimonials from clients and customers. Last year, 65% of business purchase decision makers watched vendor videos on line. 71% of all adults access videos on sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo for information and entertainment.


The website offers great tips on video SEO and can help you plan your on-line video strategy and implementation. Here are some of their tips and best practices:

  1. "Likes" and "favorites" increase your video's ranking in search.
  2. Publishing content regularly will improve your ranking in the algorithm.
  3. More content will lead to more viewership and better rankings in the algorithms.
  4. With video titles: put keywords first, and branding at the end. But also make sure your titles are compelling to the viewer.
  5. Write good tags. Include tags that are common, but also some that are specific. Place the keywords you want to carry the most weight first. YouTube recommends writing 12 tags or more. Also, mirror the title of the video, using the same word order in tags.
  6. The algorithm favors comprehensive descriptions. Put your most compelling description information first. Include keywords in the descriptive text, as well as subscription links and links to your channel page.
  7. YouTube's search algorithm favors videos that drive traffic to other videos, playlists, channels, or subscriptions via linked annotations.
  8. Having your videos placed in playlists improves your content's ranking in the algorithm.
  9. Having a lot of video responses to your content also helps improve your search ranking.
  10. Respond to comments in the first few hours after your video is posted, because those viewers are your core audience. Building comments early also helps increase the video's ranking in search.

Source: YouTube SEO Tips For Better Rankings: The ReelWeb Creator Tip (#4)
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